Which browsers and devices are supported?
Chrome Opera Firefox Edge Safari

* AIMI can not listen to you using Apple AirPods. Please use other headphones to enable the listening technology.

The note or chord boxes don't light up green when I play along. How can I fix it?
  1. Check that you are using a supported browser. You can view the supported browsers on this FAQ page.
  2. Check that the web app has permission to access your microphone or audio input device. When you load up an exercise or song, your browser should show you a pop up asking if it's okay that AI Music Lessons accesses your microphone. Select "Allow", or preferrably "Always allow". If by accident you clicked "Deny", there is usually a small red microphone button in the right of your browser's address bar where you can enable permissions.
  3. Check that the web app is using the correct audio device, especially if your computer or device has multiple audio inputs: for example, a built-in microphone and an audio interface. You can select which audio input device the web app is using by clicking the settings cog wheel button within any exercise or song.
  4. Check that the web app is getting audio input from your microphone or audio interface. After clicking the settings cog wheel button, click the "Setup" button next to your audio interface and follow the steps to configure your microphone and check whether we can hear you.
  5. Check that your volume is loud enough. Turn up your amplifier or place your microphone closer to your guitar or amp to get within the green range of the volume input checker.
  6. If you are in a noisy environment, you will have a better experience plugging your guitar directly into your device using an audio interface or using a high-quality directional microphone pointing at your instrument or amplifier to reduce background noise.
  7. Check your microphone. Some headsets have extendable arms that sit near your mouth and are intended to only pick up nearby sounds (your speech) and filter out other sounds. Basically, some microphones are designed specifically for speech, some specifically for music, and some are general purpose.
  8. Check that your microphone or audio input device does not have any automatic gain control, echo removal, or other filters active. These can distort your audio and make it difficult for our AI to pick up your guitar. These settings would be within the Audio Settings of your operating system or within the driver application of your audio interface software.
  9. Check that your guitar is in tune. You should get in the habit of tuningbefore each session anyways!
  10. Check that your guitar's audio is relatively clean. Small effects are okay, like a bit of distortion or compression, but our AI works best listening to clean guitar with no effects active.
  11. Try adjusting the AI's listening sensitivity for your audio setup. You can access this slider within the settings dialog by clicking the cog wheel button on any exercise or song. Gradually slide to the right until it starts picking up notes and turning the note or chord boxes green.
  12. If you're still having trouble, we're here to help! Send our support team an instant chat message on this page.
Do I need to plug in my guitar?
It's not necessary, but that's a good way to get clean guitar audio into our AI's ears. You can also use a good-quality microphone or your device's built-in microphone.
Do I need to plug in headphones?
For our system to track what your playing well, yes, absolutely. Think about what happens if you play the backtrack song through speakers: the microphone picks up the song audio along with what you're playing and jumbles the two. It becomes really hard to pick out what you're playing and what a guitarist is playing in the audio backtrack.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Please navigate to your profile. Click on the "Subscription" tab and then click the "Cancel Subscription" button and confirm.
What happens if I cancel my membership before my renewal period?
No worries! If you cancel your subscription prior to your renewal period, you'll still have premium access until your renewal date but won't be charged in the future.
How do I pay and is it secure?
We accept all major credit cards internationally. We use SSL encryption and Stripe as our payment processor, which is trusted and used by companies like Amazon, Google, and Zoom. We do not store your credit card information on any of our servers.
Will my membership auto renew?
Yes, a monthly subscription will result in monthly charges to your card and a yearly subscription will result in annual charges to your card unless you cancel your subscription prior to the renewal date. Your renewal date and a cancellation button will be located in your user profile on our website. Stop paying when you stop learning.
Do you offer refunds?
If you're not happy, we're not happy. That's why we offer a 30-day refund policy for you. Our free tier should give you a good overview of our app prior to subscribing. We hope to earn your business and give you the best learning experience possible.
Can I buy this as a gift for someone?
We don't offer gift cards right now, sorry! In the meantime, you could create an account for the person receiving the gift, upgrade it, cancel the subscription to ensure your credit card doesn't get recharged, and then pass the account along to them.
Can I talk to a real human for help?
For sure, you can start a live chat with our support team within office hours.