Frequently Asked Questions


We automatically transpose everything and show written pitch. Guitar and Bass are written an octave higher than they sound. Brass and woodwinds are more complicated: there are many different types of each instrument that each have different written transpositions. For each of these we show written pitch, having already taken transpositions into account. We also provide an interface for you to transpose the written notes according to your preferences.

Here's a list of potential issues and how to solve them:
  1. Make sure you are using a supported browser. You can view supported browsers here.
  2. Make sure AI Music Lessons has permission to access the microphone. When viewing sheet music, at the top of most browsers there should be a microphone or camera icon, which indicates your browser's permissions for recording audio.
  3. Check to see if the correct audio input is being used. Click on the gear icon attached to the AI Music Lessons logo when viewing any song or lesson, and select the desired input device.
  4. Ensure your instrument is tuned properly. Tuning before playing is a good habit to get into!
  5. If you are in a noisy environment or using a device with a poor-quality built in microphone, you will have a better experience plugging your instrument directly into your device using an audio interface or a high-quality directional microphone pointing at your instrument or amplifier.
If none of these solve your issues please feel free to email us at info@frettable.com with your instrument, song/lesson, and recording set up.

Operating System Chrome Opera Firefox Edge Safari

We do not support airpods at the moment. We advise disconnecting airpods to enable performance evaluation functionality.

If your browser or device is unsupported, we're working to support it! You will still be able to view and listen to the exercises and songs but the performance evaluation (red/green note) functionality will be disabled.

Missing a browser or device? Feel free to email us at info@frettable.com with your browser and device.

If you would like to cancel your subscription you will need to log in, navigate to your profile (Click on your username in the top right corner) and then click on the manage subscription tab. Then click the cancel subscription button.

You can cancel your subscription before the renewal period. You will retain all features of AI Music Lessons until the end of the billing period.

If you would like to delete your account navigate to your profile (Click on your username in the top right corner) and then click on the Delete Account button.

Yes! We fully support guitar, bass, and piano without the use of MIDI input. All you need is a microphone and our AI instructor will listen to what you play.

Yes! We also support MIDI input for piano. We reccomend using a MIDI keyboard plugged into an audio interface, but a USB cord directly into your machine should work just fine. For MIDI input we strongly reccomend Chrome, as it may not work with other browsers.