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We've turned learning guitar into a game just like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Watch a video teaching a skill, then master that skill by playing along with songs and exercises, right in your web browser. Each lesson is custom created for you by an artificially intelligent guitarist we call AIMI. AIMI listens to you play, giving you instant feedback and tracking your progress.
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All you need to play along is an internet connection, your guitar, a device with a microphone or connected audio interface, and some headphones. Our app runs 100% in your web browser: no downloads or installs required. Just plug and play.
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    Our AI listens to you play and gives realtime feedback
    Our AI tracks your hit and missed notes to track your growth
    Our AI creates custom lesson plans at your difficulty level
    Learn with real human instructors, squashing bad habits
    Live Feedback
    Progress Tracking
    Custom Lessons
    Real Instructor

Sample Lesson

Each lesson starts with a video from your trusty human instructor, Scott. He'll teach you a new skill, chord, or scale and make sure you don't develop any bad habits. Then you'll use that skill in a handful of interactive exercises and songs put together by AIMI. Check out the videos below of some selected lesson content.


Learn a new fundamental skill along with tips and tricks for good sound and form


Practice that skill in an exercise where our AI waits for you to play it correctly


Use the skill you practiced to play along with a handful of selected songs

Tell Us Your Learning Story

Message us and let us know your progress! We're happy to cheer you on and share your story.

Customer Testimonails

It’s been tough over the last few months to jam with friends, but this allowed me to practice on my own time with great options to customize my learning.

Brandon Z.
Customer Testimonails

Getting live feedback was awesome for finding spots that need practice but were not always obvious. Pretty valuable tool to get more out of practice sessions and better understand my good and bad habits.

Sarah K.
Customer Testimonails

Cool that you can slow the song down so you can hear where you are supposed to fit in. It's a fun and funky way to learn.

Keala B.

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Learn guitar with us during our open beta period completely free, no time limits. All we ask is that you provide us some feedback. If you care to provide financial support, you can subscribe here. Create an account and get started now.

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