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Play along with lessons and songs while getting instant feedback from our expert AI instructor anytime of day in the comfort of your home

Learn Remotely

Access lessons, exercises, and songs anytime, anywhere. Improve rapidly from realtime feedback on your practice at all hours, not just your 30 minute lesson slot. Just pick up your instrument and login to the website on your desktop, laptop, or tablet. No additional cables required.

Learn By Example

What's the most frustrating part about paper sheet music and hand-written exercises? You can't hear what it sounds like and you don't know if you're playing it correctly. Listen to every exercise and song before and while you practice it. Practice with a metronome to improve rhythm and timing.

Learn Your Way

Access a variety of courses and lessons from renowned instructors with established teaching methods, or jump right into our growing song library ready to challenge you with new genres and techniques at different difficulty levels—you can access exercises and theory later if you want.

How It Works

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Play a short song to the AI instructor.
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Courses and Songs

We have a constantly growing library of courses and songs for you to learn

No cables required

No Cables Required

No need to purchase any special cables or additional hardware. You just need your instrument and a device connected to the internet. Want to plug in a MIDI keyboard? We support that too!

Most devices supported

Desktop or Tablet

A web browser, a large enough screen to read sheet music, and a decent quality microphone is all you need to connect.

Electric or acoustic instruments supported

Electric or Acoustic

Use your device's built-in microphone, an external microphone, or plug your instrument directly into an audio or MIDI interface.

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