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At AI Music Lessons we teach new and amateur musicians how to play an instrument with the help of a bit of technology: our AI listens to students play along with exercises and songs through their device‚Äôs built-in microphone, direct-in, or MIDI interface. Our AI then analyzes their practice and offers immediate feedback on their timing and pitch to help them continue to improve—even after private in-person or remote learning sessions are over.

Here's where you come in. Spread the word about AI Music Lessons to your fans and followers and receive a share of the revenue when referrals result in subscriptions. Your followers will master their instrument over time and be able to engage with your brand in new ways!

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Our annual subscription is $120 USD ($150 CAD). If you refer just 15 of your fans or followers to our site that end up subscribing you receive $270.00 USD ($337.50 CAD).

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